Corporate Vision Aims And Objectives

Corporate Vision

PTCUL endeavors to be among the best of Power Transmission utility in India in Operating Efficiency, System Reliability Standards and Commercially Viable Operations.

Corporate Aims
  • To provide Reliable & Efficient Transmission Network throughout Uttarakhand at competitive cost.
  • Adopt best practices of Project and Operations & Maintenance Management leading to System Efficiency, Reliability and Commercial Viability.
  • Create a work environment which motivates & enhances Employee Performance, Value Systems and Reward Contribution.
  • Develop and train employees towards upgrading their skills at work, enrich work content to made it more substantive and responsive to Company Goals.
  • Imbibe transparency and accountability in all operational areas, be it Procurement, Construction, Operations and Maintenance.
  • Expand horizons of activities in to contracting and others by leveraging the Company’s available Technical and Project Expertise.
  • Build, in essence PTCUL to a Company geared to high standards of Management Capabilities and Professional Performance.
Corporate Objectives
The main objectives to be pursued by the Company for which it has been incorporated are as follows:-
  1. To acquire, establish, construct, take over, erect, lay, operate, run, manage, hire, lease, buy, sell, maintain, enlarge, alter, renovate, modernize, work and use electrical transmission lines and/or network through extra high voltage, medium voltage and low voltage lines and associated sub-stations, including cables, wire, accumulators, plants, motors meters, apparatus, computers and material connected with transmission and wheeling of electrical energy along with ancillary services, telecommunication and telemetering equipment in the State of Uttaranchal and elsewhere. To undertake, for and on behalf of other erection, operation, maintenance, management of extra-high voltage, high voltage, medium voltage and low voltage, lines and associated sub-stations, equipment, apparatus, cable and wires.
  2. To co-ordinate the facilities for the inter State, regional and inter regional generation and efficient, economical and integrated transmission and supply of electricity. To levy and charge such fees and Wheeling charges from the generating, distribution Companies, licensees, bulk consumers as may be specified by appropriate Regulatory Commission.
  3. To facilitate and promote transmission, wheeling and inter connection arrangements within the State of Uttaranchal for the transmission and supply of electricity by economical and efficient utilization of the electricity.
  4. Till a separate SLDC is established as per law, for the time being, to establish, acquire, construct, take over the State Load Despatch Centre and run, manage supervise, operate the State Load Despatch Centre as the apex body to ensure integrated operation of the Power System in the State of Uttaranchal and optimum scheduling and dispatch of electricity within the State of Uttaranchal, monitor grid operation and levy and collect such fees and charges from the generating companies and licensees engaged in Intra-State Transmission of electricity as may be specified by appropriate Regulatory Commission. To schedule and dispatch generation of all units connected to the State power system including the centrally owned generating stations, in respect of the share assigned to the State and electricity purchased from other State undertakings.
  5. To study, investigate, collect information and data, review operations, plan research, design, prepare project reports, diagnose operational difficulties and weakness, and advise on the remedial measures to improve and modernize. To tender and/or finalize contract for transmission and wheeling of power from generating stations and other sources.